Uneducated Person Claims ‘Science has it Wrong.’

We all have it.
Anxiety, depression, stress
When we are able to beat back
These things, then we are at our best.

But when the buildup in our mind
overloads our ability to be effective
Insanity is the result.
All ‘crazy’ is
is sensory and emotional
or a lack thereof,
to the point where
processing one’s reality becomes impossible,
rendering us unable to function.
Decision-making is impaired
to the point where
dangerous behavior,
or actions outside of morally accepted
societal standard
Isolate an individual,
or group of individuals,
to the point where effective action becomes impossible.
Reality is infinite and confusing to
a singular, limited human experience.
We have to break it up,
Take it in chunks,
use our experience
to navigate the moment we are in.
Each new step is anticipated
but also brings new challenges, questions, or trauma
that can hinder progress or be applied to the next page.
The more information we have about the infinite nature of the universe,
the more effective we can become in our navigation of reality.
Unfortunately, any experience outside
acceptable, explainable reality
has hitherto been shunned, rejected, and feared.
It is time to attempt a larger understanding.

Unexpected voices, pictures, and nightmares
should not be shied away from
but carefully embraced as a leap forward in consciousness.
Science has it wrong.
Insanity should not be curred as a disease,
but celebrated as a new evolution.

Practice here.
This is what it is like to be inside the head of a lunatic.
Reality doesn’t line up, people change motivations and characteristics.
Impossible things happen, change, and repeat.
Time moves in strange ways, the vast nature of the story
is present but overwhelming.
Do not despair. Everything is okay.
What is frustrating now
is simply a memory the next day.