Click-bait Title Makes You SO Interested

When I held down the spacebar just now, the cursor actually went off the page on my computer screen. It was amazing. When I typed a key again, it snapped back to attention, but for a brief moment, we were doing something new, against the rules. I wish you could have seen it rather than just reading how I describe it to you. That’s how I want to communicate. Because everything else has already been done. I can’t write a story like creative writing teachers would tell me to and not just because that would be no fun.

I want it to be interesting, but I also want it to push. Use these 26 letters and some spaces and some other symbols to create combinations and play a new tune. It might be bad if it’s printed on a Mac or played on a bassoon. I even kind of want you to hate it a little bit. I want you to think it’s shit. I want you to miss the point and feel better about yourself because somehow you got tricked into reading something that was juvenile and trite, something that you did a service to by reading, something that is below you, something that wasn’t effective because it’s just not right, yet.