The Zapsnatch Match

Players were spread out all over the course. Everyone had a general sense of direction. By comparing the positions of the black sun to the tower of the citadel, one could manage a strategic course.

There was, however, much left to chaos. Many of the players had been inside each other’s minds, and could predict movement based on previous knowledge. Even this element did not immediately clarify the outcome to the council, and several members had left the citadel in order to witness the ranking on the wall.

Jennings and Pate eliminated Jeff more quickly than expected. Shot in the back, his soul made it ten feet before it was collected by Sallyforth, who bounded around his familiar hills with gusto. During the course of the battle, Jeff would find his soul lost from the belt of Sallyforth, and he ended up somewhere far worse, somewhere much more telling, a realm where the true anarchy of existence would be made clear to him.

Teapot and Demetrius squared off in a fierce battle, tentacles flying and shots wildly fired. One blast caught Pavich in the leg, and the wound quickly festered into a lethal blow to the frail human frame. Cliff tried to come to his aid, but Butterworth held him back, turning him to her melancholy face and drawing him near to kiss her. The moment was cut short, of course, by Bill and Rita, who had put their differences aside and became a formidable pair.

The fighting continued all day, and the wall filled quickly with glass containers, swimming with clouded gas, the essence of humanity, ready to be reformed. The council would meet in the morning and decide on the logistics of the proposed plan. Amassing an army such as this was no easy task, and there would be much discussion over the details of the plan. Of course, this contest of skill and might went a long way to settling the pecking order of the commanders of ships and transports.

The great invasion into the Earth space, followed by a reconciliation that would form the basis for The Data, was underway. Inside would meet outside when they were both prepared. At least, that was the hope.

Finally, there were only two competitors left on the field. Sallyforth and Crusifixx. The two warriors circled each other, each wanting to assume supreme control of this great endeavor. As Sallyforth raised his arm to administer the final charge from his pistol, Crusifixx smiled asymmetrically. In a flash that had not been possible when the rumble in the mall had taken place, the warlord wielded his sword and Sallyforth dropped to the silt-covered ground. His soul did not flee in terror, but accepted its position in the rank. A lot could be accomplished when one was second in command.


Pate was already being questioned. He had been on the ground when the first real knowledge of outside forces had been revealed to The Starks, to the Scotts, to The Missing Pieces and their Shadowmen. The council wanted to know everything they could about the encounter, to know if Emily had entered the equation, and how far the Tish army was from being realized.