Grandpa Spins Another Yarn

Gather ’round, kiddos. Let ol’ gramps tell you some history.

You all remember your parents talking about where they were the night the sky went out, don’t you? There was a lot of bally-who about who done it, why they done it, how long it took, and what exactly happened. Funny thing is, different people can recall the same event in different ways, see it from a different angle, so to speak.

So here’s the way I see it. I think it was a culmination of factors coming together, and it can be explained in different ways. For instance, you could say the government put up a screen over the sky. That’s pretty common knowledge at this point. They blocked out our real sky with a digital projection of the sky. Sunlight and the whatnot still got through, but when we looked up, we were seeing what they wanted us to see rather than what was there. The thing you gotta consider is the fact that the government ain’t nothing but a projection in itself, a screen for our own minds to cover the reality of perception, a personification of our own inability to see the truth. Do you get what I’m sayin’, Billy?

Get that plastic hammer out of your mouth.

Anywho, so the government was aware we was about to be under attack, and there’s another point of contention. Who was coming for us? From where? Why did they look the way they did? Well, some of you might be able to remember the reckoning of two-aught ’19. That was when we had a little conflict with them outer space broncos on behalf of our sanity and our continued existence.

The battle lines had been in the process o’ being laid out for a decade. All through the years of drug use and travel, and even in the calm times. Players were settling into both sides, you see. For a long time, no one really knew where people like Burl and his little clique down at AMCIPO, or The Curator and the Shadowmen all fit in. Turns out, they were all just agents of chaos, because there isn’t any right or wrong in the universe. The other side of the war was just conflicting ideas. People like Sallyforth and Zussie weren’t no enemies, just shadows from the past we needed to reconcile or eliminate. The warlord who killed all you kids weren’t such a bad guy, he was just doing his thing, you see?

And that’s where Emily came in. She stood at the top of the hill, with all of the power from Tish flowing into her, and she laid waste to those space buggers. Now, I wasn’t there to see it in the flesh o’course, but I heard she didn’t even break a sweat. She looked up at the fleet hovering over the Earth, every evil spaceship that we’ve ever seen on television or in movies or in our own mind, and she simply helped give us the time to realize, when it comes down to it, the threats we fear ain’t nothing at all. That’s why you can look up at the sky today, or you can look back into your own past, and it just looks like infinity, like everything is there, everything that ever existed, in its place, and it all adds up to calm, and blackness. The Void. That’s what Emily showed us. That’s why she’s the savior of worlds and we’re all indebted to her.

Now, that don’t mean that anything is over, that those little problems can’t come back or take new shape. It just means that we’re all okay, for now. We can get up each morning, do what we gotta, even if it’s just going down to the store to pick up a new book to read. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, you get me?