The following links will take you to works that are back/additional story to the content on this site. You will find characters and storylines that interconnect (to an even greater degree) with the two main stories featured in the Get It Away From Me narrative. I know, it’s complicated. Just keep reading. For a list of all the works, in order, don’t click here.


Drunk. Feature film from 2013


A self-help parody that guides the reader into, and back out of, insanity.


Yellowville. The first volume of strange, existential stories, blurred realities, and unrequited affections. Composed in 2001 and published in 2018.
Dearest Madeleine: A Love Story (2017) Volume 3 in the ever confusing story of Bryan’s life. This one is about being on the road. It is also only available upon request due to the inclusion of characters and places that border on tangible reality. If you would like to read DM: ALS, contact me in the Complaints department and I will give you access to the material.


Enter Emily: Savior of Worlds (2018) Sequel to Madeleine and a literal love letter.